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Branding activation today are very complex with so many mediums and cost variations. Installation cost estimate and real expenditure calculation sometimes very tedious and complex process. Many of the manual tasks involved are repetitive, tedious and time taking.

This is where VMX automation comes in. From cost estimation, covering each and every tiny expenses, tracking real time process, to the final installtion, report generation are major common tasks that can readily benefit from VMX automation.  


It bridges the gap between the brand and the ground level branding team.

all aspects

In terms of Speed, Auditability, Visibility and many more.

Real time

It separately shows recce and deployment process through a dynamic dashboard.

on single click

Cloud-based storage and sharing of information enables to view reports anywhere at anytime.

How does it works?

Visual Merchandise Excellence (VMX) is an evolutionary product and has been developed by the industry experts and with the help of valuable inputs from managers at various brand. VMX is Technology solution with the trade knowledge built into it. VMX is an Enterprise class suite of application, designed to manage complex, multilayered projects in the ‘on ground branding’ domain. VMX encompasses both Web and Mobile interfaces. It allows creation of multiple stakeholders with levels of rights management as suited to specific business needs.
VMX enables the project management team to track all the sites along with complete details like Recce, Deployment statuses. Manage approvals, limit project cost at any given point of time. Its easy to use with intuitive user interface makes it convenient for any user to use it. There is a web portal for the company to track and approve everything online and a mobile application meant for visual merchandising team. 

Grow your business with real time
access to the information.

RoI Calculator – To track
your investment.

Get to know about real time update of the project installation with each and every minute update.

Generate bill as per the recce and actual deployment expenditure.

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